Off-Road Recovery ARB Tree Protector 10 Ft

$49.40 $42.00


Off-Road Recovery ARB Tree Protector 10 Ft

$49.40 $42.00

Key product features:
» Universal | will work with any vehicle
» Won’t damage equipment or innocent trees while is use
» Great for towing yourself out of a really muddy, bad decision.
» Dimensions | Length – 10ft. (3m.) | Width – 3 1/8in. (80mm.) 
» Made in the USA

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We believe in being kind to the environment. That being said, there are some pretty over-the-top ‘green’ ideas in the world today. It’s a common fact that cows emit a lot of methane when they well, — fart. In fact, some researchers believe that methane currently makes up 14% of all greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Now this same group of brainiacs also discovered that kangaroo flatulence is methane-free because of the absence of a certain bacteria in their digestive tract. (Seriously!? these guys should NOT have skipped career day in high school)! In conclusion, these geniuses believe that by eliminating the methane causing bacteria in a cow’s digestive system, it might be possible to stop cows from contributing to air pollution. Now, this a breaking discovery — because it means that someday, cow farts might become less detrimental to the environment! 

Pardon us, but that all just sounds like a bunch of hot air! (pun completely intentional). We’d like to offer an easier, less odoriferous way to be kind to the environment. Get an ARB tow strap! Towing yourself out of a jam with chains can damage both your equipment and the unsuspecting tree you’re about to involve. With the ARB Tree Protector, you can be kind to the tree that’s towing your butt out of the mud. They are easy to use and they’ll fit any vehicle around.As always, made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 3.125 in


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