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The Way Life Should Be

Leading the Way to How Life Should Be

FOX has rapidly grown online with people who are interested in our mission from all over the world. We’ve already had one FOX event, and working on another one for 2018.

Our future is looking bright because we are committed to helping people all over the country reconnect with life – the way life should be that is, such as enjoying the great outdoors, having fun with loved ones, and creating memories.

Our events are always meant to help people experience new things. We camp because it puts us in a position we aren’t normally in when working our 9 to 5.

When we first started this experience, I camped maybe one or two times in my life, and my wife had never camped. We were able to jump in this together and learn along the way. It’s truly been a Blessing to us, and we can’t wait to share it with so many others.

How We Plan to Grow

We’re a family looking to make memories and help other families enjoy their life with their spouse, children, and friends. Through our adventures, we’re looking forward to testing out the latest camping and outdoor equipment from some of the top brands in the industry. As we do, we will be reporting our experiences. These reviews will be unbiased and completely based on our usage.

We are looking forward to connecting with companies who are interested in helping us get the word out about our expeditions AND want honest reviews of their products.

We’re also wanting to expand our brand more than it already has just through our social media outreach. We want to touch as many families as possible, so they can take advantage of all the adventures we’ll be taking this year. So, if you know someone who may be interested in joining the fun with us, please share it with them. The more, the merrier is how we feel about our events.

Our website is currently growing with products and swag for Foxpeditions. We have equipment that we’ve used during past events available, and patches that people can purchase to show off the greatness of Foxpeditions. Shirts and hats are for sale with our logo for anyone who would like to spread the word wherever they go. This would be amazing, and we would be forever grateful!

The Principles of FOX

FOX has a few principles that are unwavering.

  • Faith, Family & Friends Together
  • Creating new experiences is what we’re all about and is why we do this with our loved ones.
  • The outdoors is where we all need to be, especially because many of us are stuck indoors most of the time when working.
  • Camping experience or expertise is NOT required.
  • Willingness to learn is required.
  • Budget-friendly equipment is always the goal.
  • We help each other by sharing what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Traveling with young children is always okay and encouraged.

Let’s do this together, shall we? If you’ve ever wished you had some other families to hang out with or you just wished for more in life, this is for you.

Join the Fun and Create Lasting Memories with Your Family

We hope you’ll join us on our 2018 FOX camping event! It will be a fun adventure for the entire family – exactly the way life should be….

Our website and social media accounts are the best places to stay up to date on what we are planning. Head over to our Calendar page now to see past events and any future ones we will be having, so you can get all of the information needed to join us.

You can also follow us on Twitter @foxpeditions and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/foxpeditions/.  We post about our family, adventures, and anything related to how we are making FOXpeditions THE best group in the world to make your life better than ever with people who mean the most to you.

Momma Fox

"Love and family are with you no matter where the destination is”

Daddy Fox

"If the aim is to wander, then how can we be lost?”

Baby Fox

"No, no, no I do it, my turn my turn”

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